Wednesday, September 3, 2014

5 books

Ever since I can remember, I have always loved reading. I grew up reading Tagalog novels, Sweet Dreams, and Sweet Valley. Eventually I moved to  reading Sidney Sheldon, James Patterson, and serious books about life such as Who Moved My Cheese?

Lately though, I haven't had much time to read which is quite sad because reading has always been one of my safe place. Till now, a bookstore is still one of the best places for me. It's just soothing and relaxing.

With this, I'd like to share the 5 books that I love and have made an impact on me. 

A Knight in Shining Armor is a story of a woman who gives too much of herself and expects too little for herself. She constantly looks for men to love her and eventually, she meets someone who makes her see how beautiful and worthy of being loved she really is.

I must have read this book more than 10x and everytime, I imagined myself to be Dougless, waiting for her Knight in Shining Armor to come and save her. Eventually, I realized that I can't rely on someone to save me. I need to save myself.

Hope for the Flowers was something I read when I was in 5th grade. Trust me when I say that you should never let a child read this. I grew up thinking that this was a story about worms . Luckily I got to read this again when I was in college and that's when I realized what the story really was about.

It's about life and its about the constant rat race that we find ourselves in, struggling to get to the top because everyone else is aiming for it. I try to remember this whenever I feel lost and remind myself that getting to the top is not the end all and be all of things.

13 Reasons Why is a book I saw at Powerbooks that just drew me in. Perhaps it was fate, perhaps it was meant to be. All I know is that I could relate to the girl in the story and how she told her story was just so haunting and painful.

This is something I'd definitely recommend to any serious reader out there.

Now for the last two books on the list, it really goes hand in hand. The Wakefield story tells the mother side of the twin's story while the Legacy tells the story of the father's side. It shows how in almost every generation, the Wakefields were supposed to meet but didn't until it really was time for them to do so.

I loved this because I grew up reading about them and finding out the back story just made everything more poignant.

How about you? What books have made an impact on you?

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  1. I remember reading some Sweet Valley High books when I was a kid. I will have to check out the new ones.

  2. Of all those books I too am most drawn to Thirteen Reasons Why. I am like you - I used to love reading, not just the reading itself which is wonderful but the ME time involved in it. Being whisked away to someone else's world perhaps. Anyway I do not have the time I once did to read which is sad but I am sure I will find more time in the near future. Thank you for your recommendations!

  3. I have read a few Sweet Valley High books as well when I was in high school. The Wakefield books sound interesting.

  4. I haven't read any of those books, but Thirteen Reasons Why looks interesting. I don't get a lot of time to read, but I'm currently reading The Girl on the Train.

  5. I never read the sweet valley high books, but these last two still sound like fun reads.

  6. Those are good books. I really like reading and how a good book can make you feel/

  7. Thanks for sharing your book list! Very interesting!

  8. Oh man, Sweet Valley High books were the best! I totally forgot about those!

  9. I haven't read any of these books. Sounds interesting. I will check them out and add them to my reading list

    ===== RIKA=======

  10. I have been a long time fan of Jude Devereuax. She is one of those authors who can definitely ring your emotions.

  11. I had every Sweet Valley book when I was younger. My collection was The Babysitters Club books and The Boxer Car Children. I have my kids reading them now.

  12. My first books that I read are from Filipino authors, then the Sweet Valley High and finally owned from Mills & Boons that my cousin gave me. Now I am a bookworm and loves to read anything but I prefer the romance especially the erotica.

  13. My first books that I read are from Filipino authors, then the Sweet Valley High and finally owned from Mills & Boons that my cousin gave me. Now I am a bookworm and loves to read anything but I prefer the romance especially the erotica.

  14. 13 Reasons Why sounds like something I'd like to read, even though it's a bit haunting. The story sounds worthwhile!


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