Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mega Food Tour v2

I was one of the few who survived Mega Food Tour v1. Eating at 15 restaurants in 4 hours is no easy feat my stomach was up to the challenge and so I did it. This time around, we have only 9 restaurants and so I felt pretty confident that I will survive this tour better than I did the other.

First stop was the week old Ippudo. Ippudo is a ramen place in Japan that opened a franchise here in the Philippines. It boasts of serving one of the best ramen in the house and I must agree that with their classic tonkatsu ramen, it really is a winner.

What was surprising was their rice topping. This was so good that I actually asked my co-bloggers if I could have all of these. I actually finished the entire bowl all by myself. My friends got a bite each but the rest was all mine.

Next stop was Linguini Fini. This also just happened about a week and though I love their Chorizo Pizza, the porquetta was definitely the highlight of the food tasting. The porquetta can be served two ways, sliced or chopped. I prefer it chopped. It tasted better in my opinion.

3rd stop was at Rosinjin where we were served Tempura. It wasn't anything outstanding in my opinion and I've had better Tempura served to me. 4th stop was at Cupcakes by Sonja where we finally met Sonja herself. It felt nice being able to put a face behind the name and to try some of the new cupcakes that they served such as the Smores. Marshmallows and graham crackers turned into cupcake, what can go wrong?

We also got to try Tim Ho Wan's famous pork buns and then trooped to Triple O's and their very many offerings of different burgers.

7th stop was at Eri Curry and I fell in love with this Shrimp Katsu. Even if I was already full, I still ended up eating 3 of these shrimps. The other one came from a friend hahaha.

Overall this was a great Mega Food Tour and my tummy was pretty happy. It wasn't as epic as the first one but this was still pretty awesome. Thanks RJ and Anton for organizing this. As always, great job.

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