French Vanilla and Dark Caramel Latte

Starbucks recently came up with two new drinks that are just perfect for the rainy or cold season; the Dark Caramel Latte and the French Vanilla Latte. Since I'm crazy, I ordered both drinks so I could do a comparison. Yep, I ingested two grande sized lattes in one sitting just so I can do a comparison real time.

The first I tried was the French Vanilla Latte. This was not as sweet even with the chocolate sprinkles on top. It was soothing and very relaxing which is how I have always imagined French Vanilla to be. 

The Dark Caramel Latte on the other hand kicks you right in the shin with its sweetness. It was creamier and stronger. It's something I'd drink if I have a day where I need more energy.

Try it out for yourself and taste the difference. It's definitely something that every Starbucks lover should try.