As far as I can remember, B has always been one of those kids who just doesn't seem to gain weight. No matter how much he eats, he just doens't seem able to retain any weight which makes it hard on me when the doctor checks his weight and he comes off underweight.

A couple of months ago, my Mom asked me to try this new vitamin from AIM Global Solutions called NutraGummies for B. I was apprehensive because as I said, vitamins just doesn't seem to work on him but since it was my Mom, I decided to give it a go.

January 2014

August 2014
B gained a few pounds and some fat in just a few months. He is heavier, eats a lot more, and sleeps longer as well. The vitamins may be a bit expensive but its definitely worth every cent spent. I'd definitely recommend this to any parent who is looking for a vitamin that will aide them in ensuring that their kids will reach the required weight and good health.

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