Sunday, September 7, 2014

its still you

It has been 1 year, 4 months, and 22 days since he left me. It has been that long since he and I are no longer officially together. It's been that long.

After all this time, its still him.

It's still you.

Apparently, I have found the one person that I truly love and I managed to lose that person. Yes, I managed to make this person fear me so much that he will always find a reason to not be with me.

I need to accept that. I am in the process of accepting that.

I told him this. I told him that I still love him and that I really believe I will always be in love with him. It's a fact. It's something that I need to accept as being true and live with.

I also accept that he will constantly find a way to replace me with someone else because as he said, he doesn't want to love me anymore. It hurts but I can't do anything about it since I have already done all I can possibly do.

Today is one of those days. Thankfully, just like you, I'll be busy with work in the coming days. Hopefully soon, I'll learn to compartmentalize once more. I still love you but I need to love me more.

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  1. I can deeply related to this. The road to a life without him was full of struggles but with God's love, I have been set free. I believe that those we have loved before, we will always love them. There are different kinds of love. Will be praying for peace of mind and heart :)

    1. In my case, its more of acceptance. Acceptance that I will always be eternally in love with him and he will never love me enough to want to go back to me.

  2. I have been there as well. It is a struggle but I think with time it will heal and also with God's guidance its going to be okay.

    1. Ignorance is bliss. When I don't know anything, I don't hurt.

  3. Could be true love, but you could be detached and yet in love, just keep on praying, and the universe will orchestrate everything what is perfect for you. Who know's at the end of the day kayo pa din.


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