Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lo Kim Fong Tea House

I've passed by this place so many times in the past. It's a little Chinese restaurant that just looks so out of place inside the village, much like a mushroom that sprouted out of nowhere. Today, we finally got to try it

The place was very tiny. It felt tiny. I felt like I was having tea with someone who was much younger and smaller than I am. It was weird but it wasn't bad. 

We had the Birds Nest with Quail Egg soup which cost Php120. It was pretty okay. It wasn't anything spectacular but it was okay.

The Crab FooYong (Php150) on the other hand was pretty good. I liked it and for something so cheap, it was actually pretty good.

It was a good thing I was having lunch with family. Though the food wasn't that memorable, it wasn't awful as well.

Address is 5 Carnival Park Street
BFRV Talon Dos
Las Pinas City

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