Sunday, September 28, 2014

271/365 photoblog: Not so Domesticated

I tried to cook longganisa from Ilocos. Since we don't really like the taste of it and prefer the swetness of the longganisa from Cebu, my sister marinated it in sugar and some of her creation of a sauce. I asked how it was to be cooked since I have never cooked this in my life. She said to fry it and so I did. 

This is the end result. I didn't even cook it for more than 5 minutes but it looks like something that was burnt to a crisp. =( 

Apparently, you cook the longganisa with the sauce it was marinated in or in water. I didn't know that and though this was cooked just right, it kinda tasted pretty horrible. Even the cat and dogs wouldn't eat it. Sad.

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