Friday, September 26, 2014

5th Starbucks Reserve Store opens in One Signa Place Makati

Starbucks recently opened its 5th Reserve branch and I must say that this one is a far cry from the usual Starbucks place. High ceilings dominated and everything was black, wood, and glass for the newest baby of Starbucks.

For this opening, we were asked to try the Malawi and Peru Coffee Beans. I personally like the Iced Malawi since the Peru one gave me the shivers. It was a tad bit too strong.

Starbucks Reserve also offers pastries not available in regular stores. Luckily, we were able to try it all. My personal favorite were the Creamy Garlic Bagel and the Hazelnut Praline. They were just too good.

From Starbucks:

Starbucks Reserve® showcases our passion, expertise and experience in coffee. Befitting these coffees is the world’s finest preparation methods – the Clover® Brewing System, the Pour Over Brewing Method and the Coffee Press. The Clover® Brewing System is a coffee brewing system that uses innovative Vacuum‐Press™ technology to create your cup right in front of you. Watch as the stainless steel filter lowers into the brew chamber and then hot water is added at a precise temperature to brew your coffee for an ideal length of time.

The Clover® Brewing System controls brew time and temperature digitally, as even small changes here can dramatically affect the outcome you taste in the cup. A thermal blanket surrounds the brew
chamber to keep water within 1 degree Fahrenheit of the ideal temperature. After the coffee brews, it is pulled through a 70‐micron filter. The resulting grounds are pushed out of the top of the machine. 

The coffee itself flows into your cup – hot, aromatic and amazingly flavorful. We’re pretty sure it will be the finest cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted.

Of course, our more traditional French coffee press and pour over also deliver the flavor nuances and
unique characteristics of each Starbucks Reserve® coffee. Starbucks features two Starbucks Reserve® coffees in the Philippines: Starbucks Reserve® Malawi Peaberry Sable Farms and Starbucks Reserve® Peru Chonti. Both are rare and extremely limited coffees, each hand‐picked for their distinctive flavors and unusual locales around the world.

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