Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen

Finally had the chance to eat here and the best part is, I got to eat with some of the bloggers from my blogger group. After our event yesterday, I asked if they were okay to have dinner but we would need to go Dutch. When everyone agreed, we trooped to Ikkoryu and though I had a few bites at the event, I decided to get the Ikkoryu Tonkatsu Original.

I loved that their placemats had instructions so that everyone who dines would know the proper way to go about their ramen.

My Ikkoryu Tonkatsu Original looked really appetizing which is a big plus for me. Some ramen just look like things were thrown together without thought which is sad because how a plate is presented also matters.

The only thing that kind of put me off was the ladle. Do you see how big it is? It was an experience drinking soup from a ladle hahaha. I normally do this when I am tasting the food being cooked but not during the actual meal.

My friend found the soup a bit salty but for me, it was just right. The meat was very tender and simply fell apart which goes to show how long it took to cook. The mushroom bits complemented the taste and everything was just right. I finished the entire bowl by myself actually which tells you that I am either really hungry which I wasn't or that it was just really good.

I am just happy that the hype about the place was right. This is now my 3rd favorite Ramen place.

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