Sunday, September 28, 2014

the story of O+ ...

I recently lost my phone to some worthless human beings who decided that taking someone else's property is a better way to make a living rather than working their butt off. I was depressed and I was just really upset.

I posted about it online to tell people that my phone was gone and to ignore any messages that would come from it. Little did I know that my knight would see it and message me to remind me of things that he probably knew I wouldn't even remember, like changing the password of all my online accounts.

He also told me that before the start of this week, I'd have a new phone. I was wary because I just didn't have enough extra funds to get a high end phone which is what I needed for my work. He called on a Thursday and by Sunday, he called me again to ask me what time we'll meet.

So we met and he got me a phone and this whole time, he never actually said the words, "I'll buy you a phone" so I was just kept in the dark wondering if he was buying me one, lending me one, or letting me pay for one on a monthly basis. You see, with him, its always unpredictable.

Finally I had the guts to ask and he told me it was mine and deep inside, I was screaming with joy but because it was all so anti-climactic, all I could do was say, "thank you."

I must have sounded so ungrateful but I was really grateful. Honestly. It's been such a big help to me. So I guess this is my way of saying THANK YOU once again for being my knight in shining armor. Thank you for ensuring that I am okay once more. I really appreciate it. :)

You know what makes this story sweet? All he asked in return was a hug. Before anyone goes, "awwww" though, what makes this story not sweet is the title. I called this the story of O+ because there is no story of us. 

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