Friday, November 10, 2006

worst gift ideas

My friend and I were conversing via ym when we thought of this topic. I was convincing her to get me the new Post Secret book and she said tissue? I said, hello? Tissue? Why would you give me tissue? And she answered with of course not, why would I do that? That's like saying that I only remember you when I feel bad, or have a cold, or doing number 2? Then she said that what if someone gave you a pack of Kleenex, the small one with 7 tissues with a note saying:

" the thought of you this holiday season makes my heart cry with joy... merry christmas! "

I nearly fell off my chair laughing. And then I thought of another one. To people that you don't like, why not give a jar of sugar with a note that states ...

"to add some sweetness into your life ... happy holidays!"

So, to make things more fun, I'm asking you guys to come up with the worst gift idea that you can possibly give a love one. Nothing nasty okay? This is all in good spirit! Lol!

* you could also give them this.

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