Monday, November 6, 2006

shopping and more shopping ...

After work yesterday, I met up with hubby and we went shopping for some stuff for the car. First thing we got was some lights because we wanted to get a brighter one inside the car and not the normal yellowish light. We found this flourescent light that was rounded and boy was it bright inside the car. We were thinking of lil tornado when we decided on this. Now this next item we bought, we were just thinking of us. We got a cd/mp3 player to replace the casette player that was installed in the car. It matched the interior of the car since it was in black/red combo and the car has red linings on it.

We also bought some of the items that were recommnded by some of you guys. Please refer to previous entry as that will be updated to post more suggestions from good hearted people and will also be tagged with BOUGHT if we already got such items.

This is so exciting. I feel giddy.

We're off on a date later and I need to get a manicure and pedicure since commuting has not been good to my feet. I hope everyone will have a fab Monday and that before y'all start another stressful week, think of all the blessings that we've received.

I also wanna thank Connie and Rob for giving me an invite to a recipe exchange via email. To my dear BlogFriends, I forwarded them to you and please, please email this really nice couple your recipes. It's fun! you don't know what you're gonna get. I'm gonna wait for my recipes to come into the inbox and for that to happen, you need to do what's on the email. Don't worry, nothing nasty there. I'd never do that to you guys.

I also bought a new recipe book so all who want recipes on Filipino and Chinese delicacy, comment on this page and leave your email address, I'll see it in my inbox and I'll forward it to you. Anonymous commenters need to have a gmail account so I can email it or else you need to leave your email in the comment box itself since I cannot guess your email addy.

I feel the spirit of Christmas already with all the swap going. I'm also getting the Christmas goodie bag of Connie and Rob later so I should be able to send it out next week. Whee!

Love you guys! Take care and lemme know if you need recipes ...

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