Sunday, November 19, 2006

munimuni # 7

This week was filled with lil surprises here and there. A lot of good moments and catching up with friends. So here are my lists of blessings that I am very much thankful for for this week.

1) good health for all of us
2) all of us were able to get home safely every single day
3) going to see Dad and Mom later ... bonding time!
4) took lots of pics and vids of my lil tornado ... it was fun!
5) fixed my multiply site so friends and family can view it better
6) had a drive through date with hubby yesterday .... we looked crazy eating McDo in the parking lot
7) got a Sesame Street 8in1 DVD for only Php80 (that's less than $2)
8) lost a bit of weight
9) was able to shop for clothes, a bag, and shoes ...
9) had a manicure pedicure for only Php100 (that's $2) my feet looks good ...
10) talked to relatives and sent them loads of pictures of my lil tornado

Plans for the coming week:

1) make a poster size collage that's framed already for my parent's 27th anniversarry ... yey!
2) send out the goodies for my swapmates
3) create stuff for 3 new lovely friends ... GrayMama, Vader's Mom, and Jeri Ann.

Happy & Blessed weekend everyone!

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