Wednesday, November 15, 2006

B's everyday life

It's Mommy's day off today. She's not awake yet but I am already. She wakes up really early when she has work so I let her sleep in late because when she wakes up, she won't be able to sleep anymore due to my noise. Lol!

At least I'm quiet, right?

Mommy just woke up. Oh no, she saw me about ready to be given a bath by Yaya. No!!! She's getting the camera. I must hide my *toot*

Ha! I succeeded. Mommy seems happy with the picture. She's smiling. I'm off to take a bath now and Mommy will be drinking her morning coffee so that she can have the energy to play with me. Yaya will be the one to give me a bath today.

There you go! I'm all clean now. See how fresh I look. I smell good too. Mommy gets irritated when I don't smell so good that's why Yaya makes sure that I have a bib around my neck all the time and it gets changed 3x a day. I'm sitting in Mommy's bed and watching Playhouse Disney. I love that show. I'm so excited. Mommy will be coming in a few minutes now. And we can play. Wheeee!!!!

Mommy is letting me run around now. She lets me do that so that I can explore on my own and discover new things. Lil does she know I plan to investigate their closet. I used to go for her scrapbook stuff but Mommy got wise. She kept it in a different place now so I need to look for other things to entertain myself with. She's blogging right now.

Success! I now know what's in the closet. Yey!

Ooppps, I got caught. Mommy is ordering me to put it back now. =(

Mommy thinks I've had too much playtime already. She wants me to take my morning nap now. I hate napping. I just wanna play. But Mommy is singing to me. I like her voice. It soothes me. She also lets me watch my cartoons so that I will be relaxed.

Mommy thinks that I'm about to sleep now. But I just wanna spend time with her. Besides, she keeps holding that camera and video. Let me show her my flexibility and endless energy.

Mommy gives up. She decides to play with me and read books. This is so much fun. We also watched Baby Einstein and my nursery rhymes CD. She sings loudly with it. It's so funny. My Mommy looks crazy singing the songs.

Oh, it's time for me to eat. I wonder what they have ready for me.

I love food. I eat anything, even veggies. Mommy made sure that I eat lots of veggies because it's important for babies. Want some?  

After eating, I felt sleepy. I couldn't fight it anymore so I slept for the next four hours.

When I woke up, Daddy was already home. He was going to clean our new car and Mommy thought that it was a very nice photo opportunity again. I just wanted to play with my new car.

Don't I look good? Mommy had a blast taking pictures and Daddy was smiling at us the whole time. He's a quiet guy. My Mom talks enough for both of them. Hehe. Don't tell her I told you that.

We continued playing inside the car with me making a mess and Mommy cleaning up while chatting up a storm. Then, it was time for me to have my snack followed closely by dinner and have my "me" time. Me time is very important. It's when I learn to entertain myself. No tv, just plain old me with my toys. It's the time when I explore my surroundings and my toys.

After taking a bath, and cleaning up the dirt I accumulated throughout the day, I'm ready to start vocalizing. I do this every night so that I will have a good voice when I grow up. There's even a funny story to this. A neighbor of ours asked my Lola if there was a parrot in the house. My Lola was very much confused of course and said that there was none. Then she asked who was it that was screaming at night. My Lola said that it was me. The neighbor did not believe it and went to our house to check. Boy was she surprised to see me, and not a bird making all that ruckus.

Finally, it's time for me to sleep. Hay ... just another day in my life.

Good night everyone!

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