Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Starbucks Christmas Tradition

Do you guys have this over there as well? Or is this a Philippine thing? Every y 3 years, Starbucks has handed out a card to it's customers where you can get a sticker for everyear, for the past order you make. If you get to complete the stickers needed, you get a Starbucks planner. First year, it was a set of 3 spiral ringed planner. 2nd year, it was a hardbound black planner. This year, its leather and IMO, the most gorgeous planner to date. I've always been able to get the planner but sad to say, I've never been able to use it up. I don't know why.

I'm a fairly organized person and I like keeping tabs on the things that I do. Maybe because I've always commuted and it made me lazy. But now, I promise to use it all up. I will make myself use it all up. I already have have 18 stickers to date (thanks to friends who are coffee freaks as well) and this only started last November 3.

How about you guys? Do you finish using your planner or like me, you just let it rot on your desk?

* as of 1:15 pm, I am the proud owner of the Starbucks 2007 planner! Whohoo!!!!

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