Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 7

13 things I need to do before Christmas (and its 25 days away ...)

1. finish my Christmas list
2. send out Christmas cards to relatives and friends
3. finish tributes for best friends
4. budget Christmas gifts
5. buy Chirstmas gifts
6. decorate house for Christmas
7. come up with menu for Christmas dinner
8. cook food for office Christmas party
9. get approval for Dec 31 - Jan 2 leave
10. wrap presents
11. get baskets for gift packs (I'm thinking of getting a massage pack for my Dad and a Tweety pack for SIL, what do you guys think?)
12. send out Christmas goodie swap and ornament swap
13. get 2nd annual Christmas family picture taken

What do you still need to finish before Christmas arrives?

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