Wednesday, November 1, 2006

an unfit mother

My B is sick right now. His fever has been going up and down every 4 hours. Doctor said I need to observe him for 4 more hours. I can't do this. I am falling apart. I don't know how other mother's do it. The gene for it must have missed me. I am this close to just falling apart. My hubby has been taking care of our baby. I want him to since he does a much better job.

I'm so scared. What if it's dengue? What if its something not good?

I just can't handle this and I needed to let steam off. I am so not fit to be a mother. I don't seem to have that inner strength they all talk about that a mother has. I just don't feel that I have it.

How do you guys handle it? I'm just completely unraveling at the seams.

* please pray for my lil tyke to get well real soon ... I need allthe prayers we can get ...

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