Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 6

13 things that I am thankful for
(tribute to Thanksgiving)

  1. good health, I was sickly as a child and I still have the occasional fainting spells but overall, I'm pretty healthy
  2. safety ... in this crazy world we live in where people get shot or stabbed for no reason, I am thankful that my friends and family are all safe from harm
  3. my lil tornado who always manages to fill my heart with so much love
  4. hubby ... for putting up with my crankiness
  5. my family ... for all the support they've given me
  6. my MIL,FIL, and SIL ... for loving me and accepting me into their fold
  7. my tornado's nanny ... I would not have survived Mommyhood without her
  8. my friends ... been there since we were kids and will be there till we are old to be grannies
  9. my job ... it may be insane but it pays the bills
  10. my blogfriends ... you guys inspire me to write and tap into my creativity
  11. my life as a whole ... all the lessons learned made me a stronger person
  12. my collection of so many things ... I will have loads to pass on when I'm gone
  13. the internet especially gmail, blogger, multiply (photos, blog, and vids galore) and youtube (I get to watch shows I love in the office giving me more time to be with my son) ... what would I do without them? hehe ...
What are you thankful for?

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