Thursday, November 9, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 4

MY 13 favorite things

  1. Care Bears ...anything that has Care Bears, I love
  2. purple stuff ... I love the color purple ... must be the Wakefield influence
  3. shoes ... I used to wear stilettos only but now, I'm more into comfy shoes coz of the lil tornado
  4. Starbucks planners ... got all 3 for 3 consecutive years
  5. cute notebooks ... got so many of them just rotting in my desk
  6. scrapbooks ... I have over 6 already and its still growing
  7. picture frames ... to showcase the thousands of pictures I have of my family and friends
  8. recipe books ... I like trying out new stuff in the kitchen
  9. accessories
  10. cross stitching
  11. books and magnets
  12. receiving care packages ... it makes me feel special
  13. my lil tornado and hubby
What are your favorites?

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