Sunday, November 5, 2006

Suggestions for Car Essentials

BlogFriends, we got a new car ... I'll post pics when I get it up ... now I need help. I need suggestions as to what should be in the car. So far, this is what I got.

Nothing. Lol!

Suggestions so far are:

  1. a backpack full of activities over the back of one of the seats
  1. a spare tire and jack, a flashlight, light sticks (as flares), a tire gage, some quality pliers, a small emergeny blanket, and a travel first aid kit - SPARE TIRE, JACK, BLANKET DONE!
  1. cut clear vinyl floor matts out to go over the regular matts and it works really well to preserve the carpeting - - DONE!
Nerina, my best friend
  1. canister for car toys for the tornado - - DONE!
  2. canister for car snacks or drinks (bottled water and food that does not melt)
  3. wet ones for lil tornado
  4. tissue paper - DONE!
  1. Get a portable tire compressor (the one that plugs into the cigarette lighter outlet). I appreciate mine so much whenever I get a flat tire. With it, you can reinflate your tire and drive to the nearest vulcanizing shop where your tire will be fixed. You don't have to go through the hassle of changing tires yourself.
  2. Get two of those neat canvas car organizers that you can put at the back of the two front seats - - DONE!
  3. Car shades to put over the dashboard when you're parked somewhere sunny - DONE!
  4. Really cool sunglasses that will protect your eyes from glare - - GOT IT!
  1. sunglasses - GOT IT!
  2. CDs (child and adult music) - DONE!
  3. sippy cup with water
  4. box of graham crackers
  5. wet wipes
  6. diapers
  7. toys - DONE!
  8. A car safety kit - DONE!
  9. warm blanket - DONE!
  10. snow and ice scraper - lol! I don't think we'll ever need this one ...
  11. PUL fabric on the back of the seats to spare them from Buddy footprints - - what's this?
  1. a car seat for your child
  2. spare tire and complete emergency road tools - DONE!
  3. Good shades - DONE!
  4. Your favorite CDs ... and perhaps one CD of children's songs for your child. - DONE!
  5. a large umbrella inside your car as a standby when it rains - DONE!
  6. car shade to shield the dashboard and steering wheel from the heat of the sun. - DONE!
  1. a mini trash can. goes a long way - DONE!
  2. pillows - DONE!
  3. wipes
  4. extra shirts / shorts and nappies
  5. books or toys - DONE!
  6. a very easy to clean car seat cover
Sweet Amber
  1. first aid kit
Anyone else has anything to add?

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