Tuesday, November 28, 2006

anger management

Yesterday, I spent more than 4 hours on the phone with a Telecom Company arguing with them over my phone that came with a postpaid subscription. I filed a complaint last November 13 that the camera thing was not working. I was promised that it will be replaced and I would be given a call the Friday following Nov. 13. It didn't happen. They called me Nov. 25 ... to tell me that there still wasn't any stock available. Of course I was not happy. Okay, I was livid. I figured that if they didn't call me for almost 2 weeks, they should have good news for me. So I gave the rep an ultimatum that they should have found a replacement for me by the 27th which was yesterday.

10am in the morning I called to check if it was there. Rep was still not in. I informed them to tell rep that she needs to call me before 1130 am. She does. And tells me that I need to wait another week or so. I refused and told them to go look for one ASAP or find another replacement. Hubby was upset as well because it's been 2 weeks already. I believe I was too livid and it caused the rep to uhm, break down. I didn't mean for her to cry. I was not cursing at her nor screaming but I was seriously upset and she must have gotten affected. It irritated me more but I felt compelled to tell her to not take it personally. I told her that I was not mad at her but at the system and the situation. She composes herself and she tells me that she will call me back.

Everytime this line is uttered, I get upset. Why? Because they never call back on time. So I give them time specifics like in 30 minutes or an hour.

To make the story short, I ended up talking to 2 managers and 5 customer reps. One of them was a real b!t.. though. So I filed a complaint against this woman. I mean, she mocked me, raised her voice, talked on top of me, put me on mute, and was just rude. I was so upset with the way she treated me that I told the manager she should be fired.

The other reps I spoke to were nice. They allowed me to vent and expressed empathy and what have you. This one was just a rep from hell.

Now, I realize that I shouldn't have stooped to her level. Nor asked the manager to fire her. I was just so affected by the entire fiasco with the phone. The 1st manager was not helpf ul at all then I encountered a bad rep. ARGH!!!!

I did get the replacement. It's just so frustrating that one needs to b!t.. around first for anything to be done in this country. I saw the rep I spoke to in the center (the one who cried) and I apologized to her about getting upset. I told her it wasn't her I was mad at. *there was no way to say the same thing to the other 4 reps since they were in a call center somewhere in the city*

Late last night, I get a hate text. I suspect it's the b!t... rep coz she has access to my number on their system. I guess she was sanctioned. Do I feel bad about it? A bit.

I need anger management classes when it comes to customer reps. I just blow up easily on them. Maybe because I'm in the same field and I know what they should be doing and what they should not be doing. Sigh.

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