Monday, November 13, 2006

What's your standard?

"What we demand from our children, we must demand of ourselves. There must be a standard by which they live. As parents, we must set it - and live it. "

I know that most parents have this kind of mini movie going on in their brain the moment they see their babies or hold them close to their hearts. We see them going to pre-school, dances, graduating, becoming lawyers, engineers, doctors, or what have you. It goes on and on in our heads when we see other kids, when we attend weddings, when we watch the TV, or in whatever we are doing with our life. We think to ourselves, "my kid would be like this," or "my kid would be like that."

In an indirect way, we are setting up expectations. We are setting up a bar for our kids to meet. We are setting ourselves for a possibly HUGE disappointment. We don't mean for it to happen. It's just the way things are. It's because we LOVE our children so much.

Still, we know based from experience or from the experience of people we know that to set expectation is to set ourselves for a downfall. So my question to you guys would be, what is your dream for your children? Waht is your dream for that lil bundle of joy that is your heart? And if they don't follow into what you HOPED them to be, how will you take it?

**I can't remember who this quote is from so if you know, please leave a comment about the author so I can put a name to it.

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