Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Trick or Treat and a whole lot more ...

Happy Halloween!

I'm so sorry for not posting soon enough but with the wedding last Saturday, Trick or Treat last Sunday, and my birthday last Monday ... I just didn't have much time to spare. But I'll make it up to you guys coz it's NaBloPoMo already and I have promised to post EVERY SINGLE day. Eeekk!

So here's a quick recap of what has happened in my kooky world. Saturday, we went to a wedding that almost did not happen. It was supposed to start at 3pm but at 330, no one from the entourage save for my hubby was there. Not one single person. The priest was already there and was starting to ask questions ... even threatened to leave if they didn't show up in a few minutes since he still had other commitments. It was funny in a sitcomish kind of way.

So we called up the groom and someone called the bride and told them that the priest was about to leave. Groom replied with a you gotta be kidding me! We said no and there you have it, in just 10 minutes, they were there.

Whew! I was worried that the first wedding we were to sponsor wasn't pushing through and thank God it did.

Then we attended the Sportsfest opening for H's office where we waited for over 4 hours for his game to start since everything was delayed. The sheer beauty of Filipino time .. sigh.

Sunday came and we went trick or treating. Here's a picture of my lil sis [pictured below]. She was a flower while my lil tornado [pictured above] came in as a pumpkin. I know that I posted that I was supposed to be a witch and she my Familiar. Well ... things didn't go as planned so we had to improvise.

She was dead tired in this picture after going around for 2 hours. Hence, the look on her face. We did have a blast though and I didn't get to be a witch anymore, but dear old Mom. Teehee.

Then H gave me a huge surprise. He got me new phone. This one is called the Ericson K750i. It has a 2.0megapixel, mp3, radio, and video recorder. Eeekkkk! One happy MOMMA here. *doing the happy dance, looking like a fool, not caring*

He also had dinner reservations at Vivere Hotel's roofdeck which is one of the most romantic places in our area but we were not able to push through since there was a supertyphoon. Hehe.

We had dinner with my family Sunday night instead and Monday night, with his family. It was very nice coz I was with people who mattered most to me. Here's a picture of our mini feast.

Yesterday was pretty laidback. H got approved for the salary loan so we might be getting a car, 2nd hand most probably, but I'm happy. It will make going out a bit more convenient and our lil tornado won't need to commute anymore. Yey!

So there you go. It was a very lovely weekend for me. Thanks to all who greeted me and wished me blessings. May it return tenfolds to you guys.

And graymama, you have been a blessing to me as well. Indeed, thank you to the internet. =) *hugs*

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