B's 1st medal

Yes, we may not have been able to go up onstage and award him but I know that he will be in the Top 3 of his class this graduation so I'm looking forward to that. K and I have already plotted how he will get to be Top 3 and some of you may think that I am pushing B to his limit and yes, you are right, I am. I am doing this because I know he can and because he is smart. With a little prodding, encouragement, and lots of pushing, he can maximize his potential.

I do this because my Mom did the same with us. I just do it a bit more because after all, this is the only thing I can provide him; a good education.

So, here is his first medal but I know that it definitely won't be his last. I know this because I am his Mom and he is my son.

Congrats B! I love you so much!

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  1. Congrats again B!

    but i really hope you won't push him that hard... as he grow older, maybe the pressure might be too high on him...

    1. Congratulations B! :)

      Kay, I think you better reserve a wall or get a new shelf for B's awards. :)


  2. congrats! galingang mo pa. :)

  3. Yay, great job, B! Make mommy proud. :)

  4. WOW!

    Congrats, B!

    Proud Momma ka K for sure!

  5. Congratz to your son B! Such a smart lil boy! Siyempre mana sa ina..hehehe

  6. Congrats to B! :) He's such a smart boy at napaka-bibo pa.. :D I agree with Michy, start reserving a wall for his future awards already ;)