Saturday, November 8, 2014


I have seen this place initially in Quezon City and I thought to myself that it was like a dollhouse. It has been on my list of to visit places and finally, I found time to do just that a couple of days ago, thanks to the fact that they opened a branch in BGC.

I love how quaint the place looked. It felt like I was stepping into another dimension, one where dolls walked and talked but not in a scary way ... in a fantasy kind of way with awesome music playing in the background.

I ordered the Tapas Jones and Rootbeer Float. I honestly liked tapas and the rootbeer float. The tapas were cooked right and it was very juicy and tasty. The garlic rice did not taste too much of garlic which I know for some would be an issue but for me its just perfect. I also liked how they cooked my eggs.

They also give out these free appetizer things while you wait for your food. I think its really cute that they have these. The pretzels and popcorn paired with the mallows just make for a perfect appetizer for something as quaint as Stacy's.

I also love the Butter ball that they serve when they give out the bill. Small detail but I really love it.

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