Sunday, November 30, 2014

CinemaJam 2014

I am very honored to have been a media partner for CinemaJam 2014. Last year, I had the chance to watch but wasn't able to stay long. This time around, I stayed till the end and amidst the rain, I still enjoyed and had fun listening to Imago, Itchyworms, Franco, and of course Bamboo.

The movies were also very nice, especially Love Letters to Juliet which I really liked. Thank you Crizal Transitions for ensuring that rain or shine we enjoyed the event by having it outdoors and providing mats for my friends and I.

VIP baby! :)

Again, because of Monica, I tried the Wall Climb which was a first for me. I made it almost 3/4 of the wall before giving up because I wasn't wearing the right footwear. However, I did have fun and I enjoyed it.

Bamboo  was the last to perform but trust me, it was still a full house.

Congratulations Crizal Transitions. Definitely, this was a successful event and I look forward to CinemaJam 2015.

For more information on Crizal Transitions and their iconic green lenses, go here.


  1. Your blog is really colorful! ha! been wanting to watch bamboo live but never have the chance! awesome life you have there! x

  2. Watching movie outdoors? That was really cool. Oh I also love Bamboo. He is a well known artisit here in Kuwait especially with our kababayans. Hope to see him perform live once I get back to PH. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Is this sponsored by Essilor? I'm confused with the sudden insert of "Crizal" sentences. Anyways, where are you getting updates about this event? I want to attend next year's Cinemajam.

  4. looks like you really had fun with your buddies :-)
    as always..kahit malayo, ang gwapo padin ni bamboo .. lol

  5. I've always wanted to join these kind of events. I guess one of the reason why is because I didn't want to stay up too late (because most of the venues are in Manila & I'm still from Cavite) and of course, especially if it's outdoor, I worry it might rain whatsoever. It seems like you guys had fun anyway :) And it's all that should matter.

  6. I joined a contest for free tickets to that event. Unfortunately I didn't win any. Sayang :(

  7. That's great! I wish I could get invitation like this as well. You are lucky to be in this event... I still want to see Bamboo soon!

  8. the movie is named "letters to juliet" only =)


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