Sunday, November 9, 2014

Luminisce Luxury Facial and OXYJet

I am 34 years old and I have never had a facial. I've never been convinced to have one and I felt like I did not need it. One discussion with Dr. Kaycee Reyes of Luminisce and I was convinced it was time for me to get a facial and though I have good skin, I wouldn't have it forever and it was time I take preventive measures so I agreed to have the luxury facial.

Upon entering the room, this is what greeted me. I love how they laid out all the materials needed for the facial. For a newbie like myself, this is very comforting because I have no clue what happens during a facial. For all I know, they could poke and do stuff that I am not comfortable with so when I saw that these were the items used, I relaxed. 

It started with a facial massage. This was actually pretty soothing because they do circular motions on your face and press key areas that automatically send relaxing triggers to the brain. 

Afterwards, they clean your face of any superficial dirt that there is and you can literally feel the difference. They then use this machine to help your skin become lighter, cleaner again, and to help with the anti-aging process.

This machine looks like a scalpel but it didn't hurt. It just scrapes all the unseen dirt on your face and the person who does it is very gentle so its not abrasive. It doesn't even leave a mark on your face which I am very particular with. 

After they do the facial, they do the OXYJet which gives your skin a youthful glow by infusing oxygen to cells that immediately rejuvenates the skin by improving blood circulation while encouraging collagen production to protect the skin from the harsh environment. 

They put gauze on you to make sure the oxygen gets more absorbed by your skin. You also hold a metal thing in your hand so that the positive ions will be absorbed by your face. It's very clinical to be honest but eventhough I didn't fully understand what was happening, the effect on my skin was glorious and that's what mattered most. 

As you can see here, my face looks glowing and lighter. This is with absolutely no make up on and yet, I am radiant. I must say that I am impressed Luminisce.

 I do not regret getting my first facial with Luminisce. In fact, I look forward to our monthly maintenance because I honestly feel that my skin is a lot brighter, smoother, and definitely firmer

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