Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Fright Night

I've never attended a Halloween event. The only time I did was back in the 90s with my Mom and it was more of a street party but I did not dress up for that. This time around, I finally had the guts to dress up and be part of the scary crowd that roamed the streets of the city.

My friend dressed up as a sexy vamp and I went looking like a distressed harlequin doll. It was kinda freaky looking at myself in the mirror and in photos. 

Another blogger friend of mine dressed up as the mother of Annabelle and honestly, it was very freaky. Whenever she would hold up the doll, it was more than enough to send chills.

I think we took our dressing up to a whole new level. I missed posing and this provided a really good opportunity for me too. I can definitely see myself dressing up again next year. Do I look like a distressed harlequin doll?

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