Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Al Amara Spa - Rhasoul

Have you ever had clay placed all over your body? Can you actually imagine someone getting a lump of clay and slathering it all over your nearly naked body? If someone had asked me that before, I would have given them a resounding NO.

The thought of clay or mud being draped all over me is not my idea of fun. No sir, no way, no thank you. However, Al Amara offered it and said that its actually pretty good for the skin because it will moisturize and exfoliate.

So yes, this is me with mud on my face. Was it icky? A little bit but it did actually make my skin softer and got rid of the dead skin after a little scrubbing.

They then left me inside the steam room for 30 minutes so that the clay works its magic. Afterwards, they then place Macadamia Bath Soap all over the body to moisturize it fully.

This one smells really good and it was smooth too. It felt like lotion. The mud wasn't so bad, it was just a new experience. After they lathered me with this, I was asked to stay in the steam room for 5 more minutes and then I rinsed.

During the rinsing part, I felt that my skin was a bit smoother and that dry skin was actually being removed.

Rhasoul is something I'd recommend to those who want to relax and be pampered but does not want a massage. It gives you that feeling of being royalty minus the kneading which does not sit well with others.

Al Amara is located at 205 Aguirre Ave, BF Homes, Paranaque.


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