Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Al Amara Spa - Moroccan Bath and Hammam

When you see a slab of tiles, you definitely do not think of a spa service or anything that will soothe your achy muscles. Normally, when I see a slab of tiles, I think of a huge chopping area or a house that will be built soon. However, when I saw this, I definitely did not think of those things.

This is where the Moroccan Bath takes place. A Moroccan bath is where you get an entire body scrub. They do this part by part and you can really feel all the dirt leaving you. I felt like a newborn baby right after because literally, every single part of my body was scrubbed clean.

Afterwards, they do the Hammam which is a whole body bubble bath. It definitely is pampering taken to a whole new level.

Seriously, I now know what a car wash feels like and it is amazing. I love how it was. It was actually soothing and there is just something to be said about being bathed by another person. It was just pampering to the nth level.

Afterwards, they serve you tea and biscuits which is but a fitting end to the entire pampering that they do for you. You're clean, scrubbed, and a lot smoother so you can now sit back and enjoy your tea. :)

Thank you Al Amara Spa for letting me experience the Moroccan Bath as well as Hammam. It was a first but I can feel that it won't be the last.

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