on messaging someone first ....

Recently, I realized that I really am not that good when it comes to this whole dating or not dating thing. It is a fiasco I tell you. I overthink, do not think, overanalyze, do not think or analyze at all, and what not in between.

In short, I kinda drive myself crazy with things I really shouldn't and it is very much exhausting. Yes, it is exhausting.

You see, there WAS this guy that I liked and at first I didn't really care who messaged who first but eventually, it was about, "I shouldn't message him first. I don't want to appear desperate." against, "I used to message or he would and I didn't really care who messaged whom first and it was cool."

Yes, I also used WAS because I am slowly realizing that he has friendzoned me and so I need to put him in the same category. *mini heartbreak* 

Then I met two other guys who were interesting to talk to and with them, because I wasn't emotionally invested yet, I'd wake up and say "Good morning!" and not worry if they think I was too forward or what not because it was just really me saying good morning. If they think otherwise, that's their problem, not mine.

So I think that from now on I will just send a message to whoever I wanna send it to, my crush or not, and if they think anything of it, that's their problem and concern, not mine. Right?