Sunday, November 9, 2014

Peak Form ShockWave Therapy

No I wasn't held down on a chair with metal straps and thingamajigs plastered on my head. It is not the mental image that should go to your mind when you hear the words shockwave therapy because we now live in modern times and are no longer barbaric creatures. I do understand if that was what went through your head because it was exactly what I thought of when I first heard about it.


So this is what the room looks like. It's very non threatening and sterile which I liked knowing that I'll be laying down on it for the next hour or so. 

This is the machine used for shockwave therapy. Sigh of relief since it doesn't look like it will fry my brains.

See? I could still do my selfies because I know that I am in good hands with Peak Form. Honestly though, I did not feel scared even though I have never had shockwave therapy. It was good that the therapist was very engaging and talked to me before I even prepped. I immediately felt at ease and trust me when I say that I am one of those "whats the worst that can happen?" kind of person.

These are the things that can be done on this machine. Pretty impressive for such a small piece right?

This is my therapist, Micky. He was very patient with me and I had a lot of crazy questions. I love the fact that he answered everything using layman's term so that I wouldn't have a hard time understanding what he was gonna do to me.

I must admit that when he asked me to hold this at the start of the therapy, I felt a flicker of apprehension but then he explained what it was for. Apparently, for the shockwave to flow through you, this is necessary.


No, it doesn't. Whew.

Tip for everyone. Please wear nice nude underwear when going to have your session. Red does not go well with white. Thank god for angles.

So they start with this gadget to check where the spots are to treat. It gives off a sound when there is a cold spot on your back. It's really good because it is able to identify key spots that needs the most treatment.

Afterwards, they place this black patches on your back. The gel is very cold so that's a heads up. Don't worry. The cold lasts for 3 seconds and then its gone.

This is how it looks when they place it. They have to put tapes to ensure that it doesn't slide back and forth.

This is how it looks close up. Trust me when I say it did not hurt. They gauge how much you can take and they turn it up notch by notch.

Before it started, this was exactly how I felt.

After a few minutes, they took a photo of me. So yeah ... it was very, very relaxing. I am amazed that it was that relaxing. Initially you feel micro jabs on your muscles like little miniscule pinches, but the good kind. It then starts to feel in sync with your body and then voila! You are relaxed beyond belief.


The best part is that the incessant back pain I've had for years is gone. It's been days since I had the session and I don't feel the need to stretch my back just to ease the pain.

They also did the upper back because I had a lot of muscle spasm there. I find it so amazing that they can do this now with technology since I grew up with the traditional hilot.

After the session, I was already plotting ways of how to steal the shockwave machine. We are best friends now. It was just so awesome.

Seriously, I recommend this to my readers who are into sports, those who go to the gym, those who dance and basically, anyone who flexes a lot of their muscles on a daily basis. It's also good for those who don't flex anything because admittedly, your muscles must be sore from sitting down the whole day sitting in front of the computer.

Peak Form's ShockWave Therapy is a must. If you take in anti aging stuff to avoid wrinkles and take your car for tune ups, then you need to go to Peak Form. If you invest in your skin and properties, then you better start investing on your body as well.

Peak Form, your best form.

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