Saturday, November 1, 2014

Enervon Prime 50s dance

Can you imagine your Lolo and Lola dancing their hearts out to songs from the 50's? I'm sure you can but most likely, the setting or scenario in your head is that of them when they were much younger and can actually dance without breaking any bones. With Enervon Prime, it is actually now possible for our beloved seniors to be able to do that and the 50s dance we recently attended validated that.

My friend and I dressed up and this is our best version of the 50s.I'm not too sure that we looked like people from the 50s but we really did try.

It was so amazing watching a lot of the seniors dance, mingle, and generally have fun.

I also had the chance to meet the legendary RJ Jacinto.

I'm really happy that Enervon Prime is able to provide sustenance to ensure that our seniors can live more and be more. It's uplifting having an event like this and I'm really happy to support them. If its something that my Lola can use, then its something that I want to support.

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