Thursday, November 13, 2014

French Baker celebrates 25 years ...

French Baker has been one of my go to places whenever I would like to bring something to a friends home when they invite me to come over. You see, it has so many pastries that there is always something that you can choose and bring over that your friend will love. Yes, even the pickiest of them all.

My Mom loves the soup thats inside a bread bowl and sometimes, it becomes my comfort food as well. What started out as a small business before has grown to having over 50 branches nationwide, and all because one man had a dream.

Recently they celebrated their 25th year anniversarry with a bang and we were invited. It was a very posh event, befitting the stature of the owners. Now the owners also wanna share the love because they're awesome that way and so they are giving away tickets to Paris for one lucky customer. Best part is that this customer gets to bring 3 of her family members with her and its an all expense paid trip.

From the press kit:

“Visit Paris in Summer 2015” gives one lucky winner and three of his companions an all-expense paid 10-day trip to Paris through luxury escorted tours provider Insight Vacations, together with Rajah Travel Corporation, and Etihad Airways as the official airline.

Every P500 worth of dine-in and take-out single receipt from any The French Baker branch entitles the customer one raffle coupon.  The promo will run from November 5, 2014 until March 15, 2015. Grand Draw will be on March 20, 2015.

25 The French Baker gift certificates worth P5,000 each are also up for grabs.

The grand prize winner will get to spend at least three days in each of France’ key cities, including Paris, the old Roman City of Nimes; and finally in Monte Carlo.

 “People may ask why four tickets for one winner, and not four winners with one ticket each?” Koa furthers. “The reason is that we wanted the winner to see the charms of France and experience that magical feeling together with family and friends, and not just by themselves.”

Meanwhile, Etihad Airways will fly the winner in utmost class. “Our winner will experience luxury on air, with the first-class amenities and features of our planes,” said Jackie Lim-Gonzaga of Etihad Airways.

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