Before I start, let me clarify that I paid for all my meals and that this is PURELY MY OPINION. It means that I am not right but I am also not wrong. This is based on how I found the food, what it tasted like to me, and yes, how it compares to others that I have had that are similar.

These are food places that sell inside BFRV.

Hits: Chicken Sandwich and Chicken Taco
Miss: Chic-o-Sandwich

I loved their chicken sandwich and chicken taco. For the price, definitely worth every hard earned money. It's also best to be one of the first deliveries since the sandwich will still be a little hot, adding to the flavor and experience.

Price: Buy 1 Take 1 99. Definitely bang for buck!


This is a MISS for me. It comes in Ube and Caramel but instead of tasting like piaya, it reminded me so much of the Hopia Baboy in Ube being sold in Binondo. They should have marketed this as hopia. I would have ordered more.

Senyor Juan

They are located across the clubhouse.

Hit: Suman Latik
Miss: Black Kutsinta

Loved the suman latik. It was definitely something that was worth going back to again and again. Price point was also fair though I can't remember the exact amount. However, the black kutsinta needed to stop being so fake.

Come on guys! It's kutsinta colored black and then sold in an exorbitant manner. It's not good. It's pure hype. You're wasting your money. Buy the real deal off the street.

Chino's Latino

Miss for me. It was a good attempt but it felt like the eating the sad, rejected brother of C
Silantro. I know I shouldn't compare but I did and I was really hoping that it would be a bit close to what Cilantro has to offer especially in terms of the burrito.

It was okay. That's the problem. It's just okay.

I wanted something filling, something that would make me want to grab a bottle of ice cold beer, sit in the garden, and mull about how great the world still is because there's good burrito and beer.

This one left me wondering why I paid so much for something that felt lacking.

Ronelli's Bagel aka WhoaNellie


Grabbed this photo from their page because I forgot to take a decent photo of the bagel because it was so good! This should definitely be a staple in your breakfast area, I kid you not. Heat it, put cream cheese or salmon if you're feeling fancy.


I've ordered this at least 6x since I discovered it last Mother's Day. I think that already says a lot.

Brat Burger

This is located along Gloria Diaz. A HIT for me. I loved their mushroom burger the most.

This is definitely a hit in terms of taste. I ate 3pcs in one go. It was freshly made and filling!

MISS. Definitely a huge miss. Food, service, presentation, everything was just miserable. It was so sad that I could hear the burritos crying about the injustice of it all. It was that sad.

My order was supposed to be at 430pm. 449pm he was just about to cook. I finally got the food at 928pm.

Also learned that he has SCAMMED at least 3 customers. They paid, food was never delivered and they never got a refund. They were even blocked by the owner.

His excuses are ALWAYS the following:

1. Meat was not delivered.
2. Need to run to supermarket and buy the PERFECT meat
3. Line is so long
4. Accident in the kitchen. It can be a fuse blew up or he had to run to the ER but he will be back in an hour. Really? In this time of pandemic?
5. He will add meat to make up for the delay.


Other establishments I've eaten at here inside BFRV:

Which one is your favorite? Have you tried any of the ones I've tried?

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  1. Lmao @ "It was so sad that I could hear the burritos crying about the injustice of it all. It was that sad." That was so hilarious. Then again, I think some days are just bad for some people. I've had that experience before. I also think you should give them another chance to make it right before cancelling them. Nice review.

  2. Whats BFRB? Piaya is famous here in Bacolod and I guess our variety is more delicious. I also tasted black kutchinta. yes, you are right, it is just the color which make it different from the original one that we used to eat. the delicacy was also pricey and I will never buy it again.

  3. That was unfortunate about the burrito situation. In the pictures, it was not look like something to eat but on a good note, the chicken sandwich did look good!!!🤗


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