Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Review of De Venezia Cafe in BFRV

I've seen this place even before the pandemic started. They were just about to open and since the place looked so pretty, I wanted to give this place a try. 

It took months but I finally got to try it out. I met with Jen and Kimi to exchange gifts. We chose this place because it didn't look crowded and it was just inside my village which made it a little bit safer because there's not a lot of people. 

Inside, you will find one aesthetic coffee shop. 

 I love how the place looked. It felt homey. The place had a good vibe. It seemed like a decent place to hang out. After taking a few snaps, we finally ordered. 

We ordered the nachos for an appetizer. As pretty as it looked, the sauce was too sweet. I don't know what happened there but this nacho was the worst nacho that I have had. I didn't even think it was possible to have bad nachos. 

I wish they stuck to melted cheese dressing. It would have made the nachos good. The sauce they used was just ICKY. Sorry, but it was ICKY. 

The buffalo wings will be loved by people who love HOT FOOD and when I say hot, I don't mean the burn from being newly cooked kind of hot. It was HOT as in way over spicy HOT. 

The chicken dish was okay but at Php200+, I expected it to be more than okay. The gravy had too much cornstarch. The chicken was okay and the veggies were the highlight of the dish. 

I felt sad to be honest. I really wanted to hang out at this place because my favorite coffee shop is currently closed but aside from the aesthetics, there is nothing worth coming back to in this cafe. 

I hope they improve their food and their coffee so that it equals what the aesthetics look like. 


  1. OMG those buffalo wings look delish. I miss eating in restaurants.

  2. The decor does look really nice and cosy. It is a shame about the food as you say it would look like a nice place to hang out

  3. Wow the food looks excellent and yummy. The place looks well decorated. Good you had a nice time

  4. looks like a beautiful place - I love the flower pots decor at the entrance. Denise

  5. I find more and more restaurants these days that look pleasing aesthetically but the food is so-so. I hope they realize that the taste of the food is much more important than the view.

  6. Glad you wrote about your dining experience with this cafe shop. This is helpful for me and the others who want coffee and would love to hangout with friends.

  7. What a cute cafe! I would love to visit whenever in the area. The food looks so amazing the decor is super cute.


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