Saturday, April 2, 2022

Review of Absolutely Sweet Cookies from Las Pinas

I'm a cookie monster. There, I've admitted it. One of the things that make me super happy is seeing a bunch of cookies and Absolutely Sweet Cookies from Las Pinas did just that for me. 

I had the chance to try three variants from their shop and all of them were a delight to my taste buds. When I say delight, it did not survive more than 2 days and we're talking about 3 dozen cookies here. 

My favorite was the Salted Milk Chocolate.  I loved the combination of the salt and the chocolate. It was sweet with a touch of saltiness that blended really well. 

My two kids loved the Triple Chocolate Chip since it had a combination of all the different kinds of chocolate which is favored by most kids. I liked that this was sweet but not too sweet. It was just right. 

This can be gifted to cookie lovers who prefer a level of sweetness that wasn't over the top. 

The Dark Chocolate Chunks were favored by my husband. I woke up to half of the dozen gone. If that doesn't tell you that he liked it, I don't know what will. For me, I loved the bite sized parts. It gave the cookies a luxury feel. When I bit into it, I felt like I was eating a Php100+ piece of cookie. 

Absolutely Sweet cookies is available in Las Pinas. You can order through their Facebook page and my recommendation is to pair with fresh milk and eat it in your pajamas for that ultimate, comfort food feels. 

Food Styling: Kathy Balmores

Photos by: Mark Balmores

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