Sunday, September 25, 2022

Skapo Cafe and Grill in BFRV, Las Pinas

A new garden cafe has sprung up inside BFRV, Las Pinas, named Skapo Cafe and Grill. 

Skapo Cafe and Grill

It's located right across Father Angelico Lipani School, making it easy to find. The place is very spacious, and it's al fresco dining. 

Skapo Cafe and Grill

Skapo Cafe and Grill

Skapo Cafe and Grill

Skapo Cafe and Grill

I love that there's enough space to have my son walk around and run around. We just have to be mindful of the little rocks in the pathway because he might pick them up. 

If you are looking for an airconditioned room, Skapo Cafe and Grill doesn't offer one. It's all about being one with nature and immersing yourself in your surroundings. If you are a nature lover or want the Sonya Garden feels in the city, then this is a perfect choice. 

The ambiance is definitely perfect for relaxation.

Regarding food, we were able to try out a couple of things. The truffle pasta was delicious. It wasn't in your face truffle, but it sneaks in and surprises you. It's also very creamy, which was an A+ for me.

The creamy pesto was something that I know my sons would love. I can't wait to bring them and have them try this. 

Skapo Pizza is a vegetarian pizza. It pays homage to the fact that Skapo Cafe and Grill is a garden cafe. It is freshly made and has tomato, cheese, and basil. 

The Crab and Mango Salad are also very filling. They didn't scrimp on their ingredients which is always a good sign. 

True to their word of being a cafe, they had the best White Chocolate Mocha. It was so good I literally gulped down every drop before leaving. 

Pricepoint, it's mid-level. It's not cheap but also not super high when it comes to pice point. Overall, I can see myself going back here with family and friends. 

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