Thursday, November 10, 2022

Review of Karsa in BFRV, Las Pinas

This quaint semi-little hole in the wall caught my attention when M and I passed by on our way to the groceries. The yellow signage, the cute wall decor, and the mix of eclectic chairs piqued my interest, that I said to M, "I wanna go there at KARSA." 

It happened last night. We came from a tree lighting and the food that was served was just good for merienda so I said I wanted to have a good dinner. We ended up here. 

The place is al fresco but thankfully, there were no mosquitoes which is one of my main worry whenever a place is al fresco. I loved that there were varying chairs and tables. It gave it a bit more personality. 

KARSA in BFRV, Las Pinas seems like a good place for casual dates and barkada hangouts. I can also recommend this place as a family place except if you have small children that still like to run around like a chicken without it's head, you need to be alert since it's right beside a street with cars passing by. 

I liked their menu because it wasn't overwhelming. There's enough choices that you feel like you have options but not too many that you may feel like "I don't know what to choose, I quit life!"

I had the Avocado Milk Shake. They don't use actual fruits but instead avocado ice cream so you are guaranteed that the shake would be good. 

M had the beef nachos and for the price point, this was definitely bang for buck. They didn't scrimp on the beef, the cheese, or even the nachos. 

I ordered the nacho crusted chicken fillet with rice. This was definitely a novelty for me and paired with the sauce that comes with it, it's definitely something that I can see myself ordering again. 

The pan de karne premium beef strips was super filling. Enough that we were only able to eat half and brought home the other half which our eldest devoured. 

This entire meal costs Php857 and I can say that this was definitely BANG FOR BUCK! Highly recommended that you guys give KARSA in BFRV, Las Pinas a try. It's also easy to locate because it's just down the street from Tablo. 

The food is not the best in the industry but it's what you would call comfort food. It's something to share with family, friends, and love ones. It's also something you can enjoy by yourself if you want to have ME TIME. 

These are the owners, Erwin and Grace. They are former OFWs who saved up to put up this little slice of heaven inside BFRV. KARSA is the sauce that Grace invented when they had barely nothing and had to make do with whatever was available. 

Eventually, she perfected this now and now, it's SAUCE for every KARNE available. I agree with this because I'm not a fan of sauce but this one, I actually ended up consuming the little dip dish that came with my chicken. 

We also got to try this vanilla pudding which felt like a warm hug. I actually remembered my brothers' cookies because it had the same vibe. 

This would have been perfect with a hot cup of toffenut latte. Hopefully soon, they can add coffee to their menu.  

KARSA is located along JB Tan Street inside BFRV, Las Pinas. 

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