Friday, November 4, 2022

42nd Birthday

I had a very simple celebration of my 42nd birthday. It was spent with family and family only. 

Soon as I woke up, I was surprised by my family. As you can see, I still had my eye cover on my head haha. The night before, I was feeling sensitive. I ended up picking a fight with my husband but thankfully, he's more patient than I ever will be and he didn't say anything back. Apparently, he had a surprise all this time. 

They even got me a cake! I was really surprised, to be honest. 

The pens are a gift from my eldest and the mic is a gift from my husband. Surprise, surprise indeed! I felt so loved. 

We ended up having dinner at Biwon with my Mom and sister. I chose the place because Khali can run around and they serve good food. 

It's the first time in almost 3 years that my Mom and my sister celebrated my birthday with me so this was pretty special. 

My husband also posted a lovely message for me online. Since it's rare, I made sure to take a snap of it. My Mom gave me pearl earrings. 

Some brands and PR also remembered my birthday, and I am genuinely grateful to them. Thank you so much to PRU Life, 5th Gear PR, CIR Communications, Lenovo, and Smart Communications. I am honored. 

I am so blessed and I know this which is why I constantly thank God for everything. My family and I were kept safe from the typhoon, we had a generator for back up when there were no lights, and we are all healthy and sound. 

Thank you Lord for the last 42 years and thank you to hopefully, 42 more. 

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