Thursday, November 3, 2022

Review of the Starbucks 2023 Philiipine Planner

I have collected these planners since 2004 when they were first released. Every year, I would get at least 3, and this has become an annual thing. Ever since they decided to go for moleskin, I've used it less and less and just acquire it for the sake of acquiring it. 

I thought, "there's so little space to write on, I can't fit everything I have planned for a day."

This year, I still got the planner on the first day and as always, here's my review. 

The cover of the Starbucks 2023 Philippine Planner is smooth. I thought there would be a gritty feel toward it, but there's none. It's a smooth surface, and it's available in two colors, black and gold. 

The thickness of the planner is just right. It's not too thin but also not too thick. 

At first glance, my initial impression was that it was small but classy. It's definitely something that even a boss would bring around with her. 

The cover page of each month is the standard Starbucks design that we have all become familiar with. I won't say love because it's fairly common now. I wish they would tap new artists yearly on not to be scared to make some changes. A surprising design would actually be good. 

The Starbucks 2023 Philippine Planner comes with grid pages perfect for bullet journaling. 

What I truly dislike are the weekly pages. As you can see, the pages are already small and so the lines where you can jot down your plans for the day are even smaller. Seriously, this is not functional at all. 

The layout reminds me of those TN or Hobonichi. It's lengthwise and really minimalist. 

The Starbucks 2023 Philippine Planner also comes with a pen but there's nothing really outstanding about the pen. It's just your typical "Parker-ish" pen. 

One thing I do love about it aside from the leather cover is the pocket insert. It can hold small receipts, mementos, and the like. 

Would you get the Starbucks 2023 Philippine Planner? If yes, you just need to collect 18 stickers to get one. You can order any Tall Drink too so it's not too heavy on the budget. 


  1. I think Starbucks’ goal recently is just Form Over Function. The last time they went for this kind of planner type was 2007 which you can actually use to plan your day. Just like you, I got one because I’ve always done so since 2006.

    I used to get a lot to give away to family and friends but there’s no point in spending a lot for something practically useless.

    1. Exactly. I'm trying to look for the stainless tumbler now because I don't want to get another planner. I accidentally completed another sticker set when the couple in front of me ordered 15 drinks and did not want their stickers hahaha.


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