We passed by this place a couple of times and have been curious about it. A nipa hut that boasts of coffee and Asian dining, my interest is definitely piqued.

It even has a parking lot which is impressive.

The interiors of Vorashe is a mixture of old and new. It is a nipa hut with pretty modern interiors. It is also air conditioned which is good because our city can be pretty hot especially at noon. 

This is the menu. The price point is reasonable especially because the serving is pretty good.

M took this photo of me while we were waiting for our food to be served.

I had the malunggay pesto pasta which was amazing. It was really, really good. I ate every last piece of the malunggay pesto.

This was M's order. He ordered a clubhouse and I had to say that it was also good. The sandwich was crispy and the lettuce was fresh as well as the tomatoes. This clubhouse sandwich can only be described as being FRESH to a T.

The coffee we ordered was the least impressive. Maybe because we ordered it cold but it just felt blah.

Overall, I'd still recommend Vorashe. It's a new concept, service was great, and the food was good too. Maybe I'll go and try the coffee hot next time then let you guys know if still blah or it's finally redeemed itself.


I ate here last February 7, 2019 and IT WAS A COMPLETE FLOP.

Service was awful. There were 4 tables occupied including my friend and I but our food took 43 minutes to get to our table. We followed up 3x and it was only when we had the owner called that they told us they accidentally placed our food on another table.

The sisig was TASTELESS and the calamare was crispy to a fault. IT WAS DISAPPOINTING.

On this note, I AM NO LONGER RECOMMENDING this place. Ugh.

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    1. It is the owner who should be accountable. He was present at that time. It also shows that he has not ensured that his staff is well trained.


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