Friday, November 18, 2022

Review of Damgo in BFRV, Las Pinas

Damgo means "dream" in Cebuano. When I first saw this little hole-in-the-wall kind of restaurant, I thought, "will their food be made of dreams, or will it be a nightmare?"

Damgo is located along J.B. Tan Street inside BFRV, Las Pinas. I have to say that J.B. Tan is slowly turning into a mini Aguirre of BF Homes. So far, there's around 5 food spots that are pretty good on this street. 

I love that this place may be small, but it is maximized efficiently. Inside, it can seat 12 people comfortably. There's even a really decent bathroom which surprised me. I gotta say that the bathroom is one of the best ones amongst the restaurants I've tried lately. Clean, efficient, and just a whole vibe on its own. 

This is the menu of Damgo. As you can see, the price point is actually very affordable. 

My forever date, my husband. 

This is the bar area. I can't believe they even have one because the place is tiny. 

We ordered the Calamansi and Spanish Latte. It was pretty good, and the serving was big. 

This is BAO. It was only Php220, BUT THIS ONE WAS OH SO GOOD! Definitely, a must try. 

Another popular dish was the Bulgogi with Braised Pork Belly. You'll find yourself reaching for another bite after another due to the mouth-watering flavor explosion.

The Chorizo Pasta, on the other hand, was just okay. It wasn't amazing, but it was okay. For me, it lacked that oomph that makes you go "Omigod, this is so good!" 

Overall, I did enjoy my dinner at Damgo. In fact, I'm already planning on returning to try out the other dishes, and I look forward to ordering the steak for my husband. I hope that one will also be made of dreams. Good dreams. 

Damgo Facebook Page

67 JB Tan, BF Resort Dr, BF Resort, Las PiƱas


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