Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mystic Brew Cafe

I finally found Mystic Brew Cafe today. Maybe it was fate, maybe it was just meant to be but once I stopped looking for it, I suddenly chanced upon it.

I wasn't supposed to attend the parade of my son today. I wasn't even supposed to be part of the parade. There were a lot of things today that were not supposed to happen but for some reason, I found myself drawn to doing it and so I ended up here.

Hmm ... seems the place lives up to its name of being mystical.

First thing I noticed was the interior of the place. It was eclectic and had that old world charm with touches of modern life. It was homey and very welcoming. It was a place where one can feel like you're just lounging in the comfort of your home, albeit a more luxurious version of your home.

The other thing that stood out for me were the staff and the owners. To say that they were welcoming would be an understatement. I was entertained very well and all my questions answered candidly. Honestly, I love helping out establishments like this because I know that the owners are people who really love their business and doesn't just see it as another money making scheme.

While I was busy looking around and taking photos, my son took the initiative to order his favorite pesto pasta.

B loved it. It had all the things he liked in a pesto pasta. It wasn't dry, it had nuts, and the chicken. The texture of the pasta wasn't too soft nor too hard as well. It was al dente per his words. Yes, my son uses words like al dente. I think he's going to be a real big foodie when he grows up.

I also tried their Chili Mint Coffee. Now, I had my reservations about this one. Truth be told, I said to the staff, "who the hell wants to put chili in their coffee?" They told me that this was actually a crowd favorite of people who were a wee bit drunk since the chili adds some kick to the coffee. When I tried it, I didn't feel a kick.

I felt a taekwando, muay thai, aikido, and jujitsu kind of kick. It wasn't a kick. It was a KICK! Yes sireeee ... the chili was overwhelming and crazy! For the sheer experience, I didn't regret getting this coffee though I wasn't able to finish it. It seems I wasn't ready for the full blown adventure given by this concoction.

We also got the Wands in a Cauldron which is basically french fries but it was placed in a cauldron which I really, really liked.

For myself, I ordered the Spicy Beef and I finished all of it on my own. I liked the sauce, the meat, the rice. I loved everything period. Haha. It was filling and it wasn't an overkill. It felt and tasted right.

The Choco Chimp Freeze was also another winner. In fact, before we left, B ensured that there wouldn't be any left in the glass. He gulped down the last drop. I think that tells you how it tasted right?

This one was a gift from the owner of the place. This phantom smores were a sight for sore eyes. I loved how they used the melted kisses to make a ghostly face and how the graham crackers complimented the chocolate and marshmallow set in between.

Honestly, if it weren't for B, I would have finished the entire thing all by myself.

Overall, I was really happy that I got to try Mystic Brew Cafe. It was exactly what I wanted in a cafe and I can definitely see myself hanging out here more often. In fact, I'd much rather go here and spend an afternoon reading while sipping coffee than go to Starbucks. 

stuff I got from the Box Shop of Mystic Brew Cafe
infinity bracelet
Love love love the place. It's a must!

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  1. The Phantom smores looks adorable! I want to try this restaurant, the food looks so yummy and the place looks homey. I'll try their chili coffee too. hehe

  2. For sure the kids enjoy the cafe and the treats. My kids loves going to cafe getting their fave sweet.

  3. Those fries sure do look good! Looks like a great place. Glad you liked it and shared!

  4. That chili coffee sounds intriguing though I think I'd rather try a friend's first to decide whether or not to order one myself. Such a fun idea for serving s'mores too!

  5. I am so jealous this place looks so amazing and unique I know I would absolutely love it !!!

  6. I love trying new restaurants and this one looks great.

  7. I like the whole decor, it has that vintage charm. The pesto looks great, that's one of my favorite pasta sauces! Thanks for sharing your experience. I'd love to give this cafe a try.

  8. The food looks really good there. Isn't that the case with most things though? When you stop looking for it, it appears. :)

  9. I like the eclectic theme of the interior..and that pesto pasta, I wanna try that !

  10. Interesting combinations of food in this restaurant. Chili coffee is a curious combination.

  11. What a cute and charming cafe. The food looks delicious.

  12. When you feel welcomed into a place, it gives such a positive vibe from the get-go. Glad to have this tour!

  13. I noticed that you didn't actually say where the cafe is located. Deliberate? Lol.

  14. The Choco Chimp Freeze looks amazing! I am just dreaming about having one!

  15. Why were you looking for it? That looks like a cute restaurant. :)

  16. oh wow this place looks amazing I wish we lived closer

  17. I would love to try the phantom smores, looks delicious! I will definitely try this place with my family.

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