Tuesday, July 2, 2019

June Recap + Life's Surprises

June 2019 hit me like a tornado. Life's surprises were crazy and it was the craziest time of my life since I found out that I was having B.

They say you have plans but if God has plans for you, your plans take a backseat or get scratched altogether. You learn to go with the flow and create a new masterplan.

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June was all about family which is how I like to live my life nowadays. There's still a bit of events and what not but most of the moments that I cherish are about family.

The month started with a purchase of a second hand book shelf which made me really happy. This one cost less than Php500 and it serves it's purpose. As part of my sustainability campaign, this purchase made me really happy because it saved me money and helped the Earth because it's repurposed.

I was able to bring my Mom to the grand launch of Sheraton Hotel's Sunday Fiesta which she thoroughly enjoyed. Great food, great hotel, and wonderful company.

Finally, I was able to seal all of my diamond painting and now they are stored in a safe place waiting to be framed and put on display.

I also had my first collaboration with Zilingo and the luncheon with blogger was overall a success. I am grateful for the trust.

My little sister K also graduated from K12 and she's finally off to college! We couldn't be more proud.

This month as well marked the 2nd family vacation for us, this time, it was in Singapore. I'm so happy that this trip pushed through and truly thankful to my Mom for making this happen. My son had fun and we made a lot of memories.

June was also about friends being there and Kimi just proved that she will be there when needed. This is one of those nights where I cried and she came rushing.

These are the things that I bought from Ikea in Singapore. I'm such a Tita but it really makes me happy. 

We also celebrated M's 37th birthday and met his Mom and Aunt. It was a family gathering and on the same night, we announced to my Mom life's biggest suprise which is due to come out February of next year. Ack!

Lastly, we celebrated Mystic Brew's 7th anniversary and it was a fun night.

That was my June. How did you first half of the year go?


  1. June definitely knocked me off course a bit but (hopefully) I'm back on track! Love the recap <3

  2. It looks like June was busy month for you and also fun x


  3. Ikea is always one of my favorite places to shop. Just about everything there is very nice. Nice recap especially the 2nd family vacation. It is always good to be with family.

  4. Sounds like a great recap of life! My June was busy busy as school let’s out and summer begins here!

  5. You always have such engaging pictures! I like this recap, it allows us to get a full picture of your awesome June!

  6. Wow!! Ang daming ganap madam sa June lang.. One of my greatest dream to travel abroad.. 😍😍 Pero ang hirap e achieve.. Baka hanggang panaginip lang yun.. Heheh
    Cheers! For more achievements this half year madam.. God bless!!

  7. Sounds like you had a great month! I’m jealous of your vacation to Singapore! That’s been on my bucket list for while! What was your favorite part of the trip?

    Xx Jess

  8. My first half has been pretty exciting so far. I've got to travel quite a bit.

  9. Oh what a nice and inspiring recap! And all the things that you've been doing! SO LOVELY!

  10. This is a great June recap. Love your paintings. So artistic! Look forward to seeing more!

  11. Ikea is my go to place for home decor. Just got a beautiful plant stand. Also, nice life recap.

  12. Its always nice reading happy experiences. I would love to visit Singapore soon.


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