Sunday, July 7, 2019

Samgyupsalamat in Bicutan

Southies, fret no more because another branch of Samgyupsalamat has just opened and this time, it is located at the heart of Bicutan, on the 2nd floor of the PTC Building.

It's easy to spot since there's a huge sign but know that parking is quite limited. Luckily, we were able to secure the last spot when we got there.

The one thing I noticed was that unlike other samgyupsal places, this branch was actually spacious. You don't feel cramped because there's more than enough spacing which was a huge plus for me. The smoke ventilation is strong as well which was really good because smoke won't get in your eyes. Believe you me when I say that it really affects your dining experience when you get all teary eyed because the place is enveloped in smoke.

Now let's talk about the meat.

I liked that there was a vast amount of choices when it came to the pork and beef choices. Normally, there would be only 2-3 for the beef but with this one, there was more that that. I also liked the fact that saved for one meat that was too spicy for me, everything was really tasty and delicious.

Another huge plus for me and this is quite superficial is the fact that they have baby potatoes as part of their side dishes. I just like baby potatoes and when a Korean BBQ place doesn't have it, I feel a bit sad.

Would I recommend this place? I'd say yes. If you're in need of a Korean BBQ fill and you live in the Bicutan area, I would definitely recommend this place. It's bang for buck and you get exactly what you paid for. I'd take that any given day.

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