Monday, July 29, 2019

Selfie Museum at Vista Mall Las Pinas

First of all, it's not really a museum. Let's just get that part out of the way. Rather, it's a small nook that they maximized and utilized (very smart move if I may say so) by turning it into an instagrammable nook.

For anyone visiting Vista Mall Las Pinas, just present a receipt for that day worth PHp300 and you can already go in and enjoy the really cute instagram pods available inside.

Is it worth a visit? Have a look at my photos taken by M below.

This is the light room. I loved it because it gives a soft glow which makes you appear ethereal.

This one reminds me a bit of high fashion. The lights, the words, and the "jungle" feels just make everything feel like you're in a fashion shoot.

This instagram pod reminds me of techno beats and rave parties. Though I am not a rave party girl, it's nice to be able to have this kind of photo.

As for this one, it's cute as cotton candy so it's just absolutely perfect.

This one is all about heaven. I loved it because it makes you feel like you're up in the clouds.

Make sure to drop by the Selfie Museum at Vista Mall if you're in the area and take those IG worthy shots.  

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  1. Wow it's my first time hearing about a selfie museum! You're these nooks are IG worthy. I've never been to Vista Mall but when I do I'd definitely check this out. My favorite pose is with you and the clouds. Are the clouds made of cotton?

  2. Yeah it is but they closed it for now. It was for a limited time lang pala. Sayang.


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