Sunday, July 7, 2019

Acer Launches Altos Servers

Acer Philippines continues to strengthen its commercial business segment with the latest developments in Altos Computing, as it launches its upgraded Altos Servers, which are seen to be the next generation enterprise solution.

The Altos Servers harness the power and reliability of Xeon processors to deliver the maximum performance in a form factor that is perfect for the needs of the most demanding users, such as designers, engineers, and research professionals.

The latest Altos Servers pride itself on having the state-of-the-art capabilities that will help reach various enterprises reach new heights. These include:

Altos T110 F4 and Altos T310 F4: These deliver true server-class features and expandability along with best price-performance technology to assure the success of one’s business. These single-socket tower servers feature an 80 PLUS® efficient power supply that runs smoothly and quietly for maximized productivity.

AT350 F3: A dual-socket, rack-mountable tower server that delivers exceptional performance, availability, expansion capability, and flexibility. This ultra-dense tower server is a power-efficient solution for medium-sized enterprises, departments, and branch offices.

Altos R360 F3: A robust two-socket 1U system that is ideal for almost any application. This dynamic system can function as a head node or used for virtualization purposes for one’s HPC (High-Performance Computing) and technical computing environments.

Extremely powerful and highly efficient, this system functions as the core for one’s most demanding data-center needs.

Altos R380 F3: A robust two-socket 2U system that is ideal for almost any application. This dynamic system can function as a head node, for virtualization purposes, or as a storage system for your HPC (High- Performance Computing) and technical computing environments.

Extremely expandable and highly efficient, this system is a powerful core for your most demanding data-center needs.

Altos W2000h-W370h F4: It provides first-class performance, innovative technology, high configurability, and comprehensive management features. The 2U rack-mountable form factor saves space and maximizes computing power while ensuring future-proof scale-out possibilities with four independent nodes and up to eight Intel® Xeon® Processor Scalable Family processors.

The Altos W2000h-W370h F4 is perfect for high-performance computing, clustered virtual environments, and cloud-use scenarios.

Altos W2200h-W670h F4: A high-density multi-node server, with 2U rack-mountable form factor supporting four independent nodes, which makes Altos W2200h-W670h F4 ideally for HPC computing node, in-memory database, EDA applications with CPU-intensive & memory-intensive workloads.

Of this, Acer Philippines’ Senior Product Manager for Commercial Cristian Caoagas said, “Altos boasts of world Class R&D team ranging from BIOS, FBGA, AI, and Software solution; best excellent product by offering rich product portfolio from servers, workstations, thin client, network, and storage; and integrated and end-to-end solution competency by providing customized and end-to-end solution to address customer’s need.”

“These are all in line with our promise to our loyal and growing customers that the ‘best is yet to come’,” he added.

It can be recalled that Acer acquired Altos Computer in 1990. Eight years after, it launched the Altos 4-way x86 server. In 2017, Acer spun off Altos Computing for Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Business.

The business model of Altos Computing Inc. is to provide the best streamlined and cost-effective integrated solutions through research and development (R&D) working with ODM/IHV/ISV on servers, workstations, thin client, network and storage. Solutions include but not limited to HPC (High Performance Computing), VDI (Virtual Desktop Interface), and cloud platform, among others.

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