Wednesday, June 5, 2019

May 2019 Recap + Life Changes

I can't believe that we are already midway through 2019. In 3 months time, it will be the start of BER months which in the Philippines signals the start of Christmas season.

Before I start the recap, here's January, February, March, and April for those who may be interested.

May was a life changing month for me in so many ways.

I went back to full time blogging but this time around I also started taking my YT channel seriously. I've dabbled with different topics but as they days go by, I am realizing more and more what I really want to discuss on my channel.

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About the changes, the most challenging was working things out with M. This month saw some really challenging times and I almost gave up on the relationship because there were so many things happening and I just couldn't deal with more drama.

Thankfully, we survived and worked things out. He's also been exerting effort to make amends and have been taking me out to surprise dates here and there. We also shot our first YouTube collaboration.

In relationships, things are not always okay but it's important to always work things out. 

Last May, I also won a coffee maker and a massage from two separate events and it was for being the best photo so the photo major in me is very happy.

I also got to try out GoodWork and I can honestly say that I am impressed with the service! M and I will try it again before his Mom comes over just to make sure everything is spic and span.

Mother's Day was also pretty special this year because I was woken up with breakfast in bed by my sister and son.

I was really touched.

So that was May for me. How has the first 5 months of the year treated you?

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