Thursday, January 31, 2019

January 2019 Recap + update on no buy and savings

January saw me making a lot of choices. I had to choose between sentiments, love of things, mental space, and the need for physical space in my home office.

End of 2018, I saw that my efforts to declutter was finally yielding great results. The house was finally being rid of clutter slowly but surely and my home office finally had more space. In fact, it now has more than enough space for a carpet to be placed in the middle of it.

I've also chosen to do a no-buy year when it comes to cosmetics, skincare, and shoes. When I shopped my stash, I realized that I had too many shoes, too many cosmetics, and too many skincare. I need to stop accumulating more of these things because a lot of the cosmetics and skincare have expired and it's just wasteful.

I've also started my journey on zero-waste which I've come to realize is REALLY HARD. There's so many things that we use that has plastic on it and the fact is, I'm so used with how things are that it's been a struggle to go about things. I do worry about the state of the environment and I believe that we can all contribute even in small ways.

I've went to only 4 events this month. This was another choice that I made to put a balance in my life. I covered Smart Amazing, ONE, Crimson, and Inside Shape. It was a conscious decision on my end because going to a lot of events caused too many stress due to traffic and energy spent.

Now, my focus is mostly improving how the house looks like, the content of my blog, and finally  focusing on the content of my YouTube channel. I realized that my decision to attend less events and focus more on the things that I actually want to do has cost me some brands and PR but I am thankful. I know now who truly values me for my content and who just needed me as a warm body.

Onward to February and better things.

I was also able to upload one video on my YouTube channel so if you have time, feel free to watch it and if you like it, give it a thumbs up.

As for my no buy year, I was able to keep my spending on make up and skin care to a ZERO. YASSSSS! I did not buy any make up and skin care for January. Whoohoo!

I was also able to save up an extra 1000 from my food and transpo allowance so that's definitely a YAY ME moment.

As for family and my partner, things have been going great and I hope that it stays that way. :)

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  1. I think these would be things I'd be doing more passionately. It's a lot of effort cleaning up after my daughter's toys although she does help me sometimes. I think I don't often shop for myself but I could be impulsive when it's for my daughter. Like I bought her a purple plastic Halloween which she wasn't able to use and takes up so much space. I try to bring eco bags often and if not, I use the paper bags as my daughter's drawing paper. I have a long way to go to zero waste but I'm going to try the No Buy year too. Thanks Kathy :)

    1. Try the One in One out as well. If you buy something new, then you need to take out something old so there's always a balance and won't accumulate clutter.


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